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200m³/h drilling sand dredger

200m³/h drilling sand dredger

Page View:   Time:2023-05-24
Author:Shandong Yongsheng Dredging Machinery Co., Ltd.  


The drilling sand dredger is suitable for terrains with mud layers at the bottom of the water. The sand dredger can drill through the mud layer and directly extract the sand below. Therefore, in places with this terrain, it is very suitable to use this equipment for construction. When the equipment is working, the drill rod is driven by a cycloidal needle motor, and the drill bit starts to rotate and drill down through the mud layer. When the drill rod contacts the sand layer, our sand pump and water pump start to cooperate with the construction, The high-pressure water pump accelerates the river flow and sprays it onto the sand layer. The sand starts to diffuse and mix with water due to the impact force. At this time, a strong suction is generated at the inlet of the sand pump pipeline, and the sand mixed with water is directly extracted and transported to the shore through the pipeline. This is the working process of the equipment.