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Detailed introduction to the 12 inch pump cutter suction sand pumping vessel

【Author】Shandong Yongsheng Dredging Machinery Co., Ltd. 【Time】 2023-05-23 21:07:26

The 12 inch pump cutter suction sand pump is a commonly used sand pumping equipment. The sand pumping capacity of the sand pump is around 200 cubic meters per hour, and the flow rate of the sand pumping pump is between 1200 and 1400 cubic meters. The pump head is 35-71 meters, and this pump has a large price difference based on the head, and the matched diesel power also varies greatly, resulting in a significant difference in the overall cost of the ship. Here we give an example of a cutter suction sand dredger with a suction capacity of 10 meters and a sand discharge capacity of 1000 meters for a rough introduction of the parameters:

1. Hull size: 18 meters * 4.5 meters * 1.25 meters, with a three hull structure for easy disassembly and transportation. Launching only requires screw assembly of the hull

2. Diesel power: main engine Weichai Power 330KW, speed 1000r/min

Auxiliary engine Weifang 115KW diesel engine, with a speed of 1800r/min

Mortar pump 12 in and 10 out, using a 12 inch sand discharge pipe

3. Hydraulic system: hydraulic reamer, with a diameter of 1000mm and a torque of 12000 N. M driven by a hydraulic motor. Hydraulic accessories such as hydraulic pump stations, hydraulic oil tanks, hydraulic pipelines, valve blocks, etc.

4. Others: operation room, engine room, fixed pile, winch, gantry, steel wire rope, guardrail, Personal flotation device, Lifebuoy, screw, rubber pad and other small accessories.

This is also the approximate parameters of a 12 inch pump cutter suction sand pump. Specific brands such as diesel engine and slurry pump are available for customers to choose from, and can be purchased by themselves. We can also simply make the hull.

There are thousands of different solutions, but being responsible to the users of the sand suction boat is the key. Fully understanding the working environment and designing efficient cutter suction sand suction boats are the key!