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8 inch pump cutter suction dredger dredging capacity

【Author】Shandong Yongsheng Dredging Machinery Co., Ltd. 【Time】 2023-05-23 21:10:19

There are many dredging projects in Xiaoqing River in Shandong Province. Several environmental protection municipal units have purchased cutter suction dredgers for dredging. The number and demand of dredgers is huge. At present, we have several cutter suction dredgers in Yuelu District of Hunan Province, all purchased by one company. Chunuo Municipal uses our products well, and has many projects of its own. So we have purchased more than 5 cutter suction dredgers in a year, which has also become our facade. Many customers have visited the site. Our cutter suction dredger is mainly designed for urban river channels. The current design concept of the new type of cutter suction dredger is to minimize the height above the water surface by 1.5 meters, so that during the dredging process of urban river channels, it can be easily crossed when encountering bridges and other obstacles. And there are hardening and greening on both sides of the urban river, and we have also designed a new type of four positioning pile dredger. This way, there is no need to anchor during the work process, the working principle is simpler, and it is an efficient river dredging dredger that keeps up with the times and tilts with environmental requirements.