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Detailed introduction to the dredging of river channels using a 16 inch cutter suction dredger

【Author】Shandong Yongsheng Dredging Machinery Co., Ltd. 【Time】 2023-05-23 21:12:50

The dredging of river channels by cutter suction dredgers is something that has not been heard of but has not been seen. Currently, various provinces and cities have such dredgers working in river channels for dredging. The dredging capacity is mainly based on the river environment and customer requirements. However, our dredgers have outstanding performance, which is that they can achieve a dredging distance of up to 2000 meters with just one dredger, which is unprecedented for urban river sludge discharge, The problem of nowhere to discharge sludge in the city has been solved, and a relay pump can be directly installed to discharge sludge to a distance of 5000 meters, and a sludge dewatering station can be directly built. This is a successful case of environmental dredging! At present, there are few dredging ships in Jiangxi's river channels, so dredging projects have great prospects. Interested parties can contact us and we can help you design more reasonable cutter suction dredgers for river dredging, making work efficiency higher!